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sita is here now

Challenge 02

This is the 2nd Challenge of icontest_jared. :D

It's a lyric challenge.

The usual rules apply.

[1] No premade icons
[2] Blends, animations, textures, text, gradients, brushes...all that is accepted.
[3] Don't use your icon anywhere else until voting is over
[4] Only one icon per person
[5] Your entry is due by Friday, May 5, 11:59 EST time.

Alright. In this challenge you may use any picture of Jared you wish. It can feature just Jared, Jared and someone else, Jared with 30 Seconds to Mars, but it must have Jared as the center focus.

Also, you must use any of the following lyrics in the icon. It can be the whole stanza, just a line, a couple of words, but it must be featured in the icon.

Yeah, I've been to Jupiter
And I've fallen through the air
I used to live out on the moon
But now I'm back here down on earth

Why are you here?
Are you listening?
Can you hear what I am saying?
I am not here, I'm not listening
I'm in my head and I'm spinning

Is this who you are?
Some sweet violent urge
A weak fallen man
With the promise of an end?

- "Fallen", 30 Seconds to Mars
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